Regulations – Cala del Re


  • In order to protect the well being of every guest, we have prepared guidelines which are compatible with common civil rules based upon Beach Ordinances from the Port Authorities.


  • If you desire a peaceful atmosphere for yourself and other guests, abiding to these ordinances will be quite simple.


  • The beach organization will be handled exclusively by our Staff.


  • Beach rescue service is guaranteed from 8:30 a.m. to 19:30 p.m.


  • No musical apparatus is allowed while sun bathing, while under the beach umbrellas we must respect a serene environment.



  • Initiating from the Port Authority Directives, throughout the whole lido area it is prohibited: To play soccer, use rackets, or other games that may disturb the serenity of the guests.


  • It is prohibited to throw cigarette ashes
    or paper on the sandy beach.


  • No type of Animals are allowed, not even if on a leash or with a muzzle.


  • It is prohibited to put a beach towel or something else upon the sand in front of the beach umbrella.



  • Any type of guest behavior which may cause disturbance or provoke any damage, will be handled with the removal of that person from the beach resort, with the possible filing of charges to the Public Security Authorities and the request of reimbursement for any damages incurred.


  • All guests are required to observe the instructions established within these regulations and from the Beach Ordinances from the Port Authorities. They will be exposed at the entrance of the beach resort.


  • The non-observance of these norms will entail the removal of the transgressor from the beach resort.